Make the Most of Your Gas Grill Burner

Gas grill burners are brilliant pieces of outdor entertainment kit. But how many people invest in a gorgeous barbecue grill, a classy portable gas grill with a price tag to match, then only use it a couple of times a year? It’s actually quite a high proportion. And it’s such a shame when a simple
outdoor grill can totally transform the way you entertain friends, family, loved ones and colleagues the whole year round.

gas grill burner

11 Top Tips For Using Your Gas Grill to The Max

A propane grill isn’t just for summer. It’s a lifestyle thing. Here are our 11 top tips for making the most of your gas grill burner at every time of year.

  1. Site your bbq grill where it’s out of the prevailing wind so when autumn and winter come, you and your guests won’t freeze – it’s amazing what a powerful effect the wind chill factor can have
  2. Buy the best barbecue grill you can afford and it will last a whole lot longer than a cheap and nasty version as well as being better able to resist the weather when it isn’t 100% sunny and warm. The best versions also hang onto that lovely heat for a lot longer, radiating it out into the space around you
  3. Buy a portable bbq grill that you can easily move around your backyard as the weather changes, something with rugged wheels
  4. As well as smoker grills, you can warm the outdoor space for entertainment with a cheap and cheerful chiminea, a basic outdoor fire of Mexican origin that people have used for centuries to make the most of outdoor entertainment. The warmer the space is, the more people enjoy being in it
  5. Remember there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. Dress with the weather in mind and you’ll have a wonderful time grilling delicious foods outside, even when it’s snowing
  6. If the weather is totally dire, you can cook outdoors on your BBQ grill – being a hardy type of person – then bring the food indoors to eat
  7. You don’t have to cook on your grill – you can just use it to huddle around from spring to fall
  8. Variety is the spice of life! Create that legendary smoky flavor without a smoker by soaking fragrant wood chips in water for an hour, draining, then wrapping them in heavy-duty foil. Make holes in the top and put them under the grates, above a burner. Use two for a midsized grill, four for a large grill, to create delicious smoked foods: meat, fish and even veg
  9. Cook ‘low and slow’ for dishes your guests will remember for months to come. Preheat the grill, then set one burner to high and turn the other one off. Put your food over the off one, and keep the lid closed to retain the heat. The results are totally awesome, especially when you’re preparing meats
  10. Create tasty pizza and grilled veg using white pizza stones, use special baskets and buy rib racks and fish cages, all designed to help you cook even better. Grill baskets are fabulous, featuring small holes which let juices drain and high sides so food doesn’t fall out. The tastier your foods, the more often you’ll want to use your burner
  11. Buy the right size of grill. Unless you often cook for a crowd, a midsized grill with space to cook 20-30 burgers should be more than enough, and you’ll be more likely to use it often